Basic Information
Type Main Plot
Level 110
Players 5
Entry Count 3
Entry Reset 2h

Swamp Forest (Party)

This swamp is covered in vegetation. Its dilapidated buildings have been forgotten for years, and now it's a desolate place.
Player Effects
Stat Value
CRIT -13260
SPD -13260
DEF -21410
EVA -25600
DMG -11%
HP -10%
DMG taken +100%
DMG dealt -135%
DMG against Elemental targets -30%
Damage of Storm Skills -40%
Damage of Flame Skills -40%
Damage of Lightning Skills -40%
DMG dealt to Boss Monsters -40%
NPC Effects
Stat Value
DEF +100%
Reinforcement +110%
Storm DMG taken -30%
Flame DMG taken -30%
Lightning DMG taken -30%
DMG taken -20%