Quiz Answers

Quiz Answers
# Question Correct Answer Wrong Answer
1 The animal the Creepers fear most is __________. Cat Wolf
2 In the terms of Prize Claw, "Hong Kong version" action figures refer mostly to __________. Piracy Agent
3 In Pokemon Go, the Poke Ball used to capture the Legendary Pokemon is __________. White Black
4 The wording "lum lum lum... lumberjack" comes from __________. Age of Empires Age of Mythology
5 The translation of words from another language with the consonance of the language one understands is called__________. Misheard Ears Translation
6 At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Kuo Hsing-Chun's total weight lifted is__________. 236 kg 233 kg
7 The first Olympic Games were held in 1896__________. Athens, Greece Berlin, Germany
8 In baseball terms, a play that results in two outs is called__________. Double Play Blitz
9 A grand slam home run results in __________ points. 4 3
10 In Japanese food culture, "Taro" is the name for __________. Cockroach Regular Customers
11 If 5x - 12 = -3x + 4, the value of x is__________. 2 3
12 The first person to write out the periodic table of elements is __________. Mendeleev Arrhenius
13 Generally, nuclear power plants generate electricity through a physical process called __________. Nuclear Fission Nuclear Fusion
14 The Titan Monster "Godzilla" is empowered by __________. Radiation Labor
15 The physical process that triggers the Hydrogen bombs is __________. Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fission
16 The founding demon emperor of the demon world in the TV series "Pili" is __________. Emperor Qitian Duan Fengchen
17 Half-god, half-saint, and half-immortal. He who practices Confucianism and Taoism very well. is the entrance poem of __________. Su Huanzhen Feng Cailing
18 In the anime "Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru", Soryuin Akemi is a __________. Muscle Fanatic Hungry, Hungry
19 In the anime "Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life" the music the society first plays publicly in the school is __________. Whirling Winds Tenkyuu
20 In the anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba", the breathing method Agatsuma Zenitsu used is __________. Thunder Breathing Water Breathing
21 In the anime "Remake Our Life!", the time that Kyoya Hashiba returns to is __________. 10 years ago 7 years ago
22 In "Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire", the story takes place in __________. Singapore Malaysia
23 The rule of the road obeyed by about a third of the world's population is __________. Left-hand Drive Right-hand Drive
24 Before a typhoon was formed, it is called a __________. Tropical Depression Subtropical High
25 The Big Deeper is in __________. Ursa Major Cassiopeia
26 A traveler, moving at the speed of light, would circum-navigate the equator approximately __________ times in one second. 7.5 3.5
27 The phenomenon that occurs when two nearby cyclonic vortices move around each other and close the distance between the circulations of their corresponding low-pressure areas is called __________. Fujiwhara effect Cuming effect
28 There's an online advertising phase that says "Dave does research on how to become a Lv.60 __________." Warlock hunter
29 In the Japanese drama "Unnatural", Ishihara Satomi's profession in the show is __________. Forensic Pathologist Alchemist
30 The feet of most humans are about the same length as the length of their __________. Elbow Arm
31 In the novel "Juedai Shuangjiao", Xuanyuan Sanguang of the Ten Great Villains is a well-known __________. Gambler Killer
32 When one of three lamps in a room breaks, the other two remain on, which means the three lamps are connected in a __________ circuit. Parallel Series
33 Covid-19 is a kind of __________. Virus Bacteria
34 In the general rules of pool, the white ball is called the __________. Cue Ball Rolling Ball
35 In the anime "Pui Pui Molcar", the character who was turned into a zombie is __________. Shiromo Potato
36 In the movie "God of Gamblers", the character Little Knife said that the most difficult card to change into is __________. A 3 An Ace
37 Ancient calligraphers usually practice their regular script skills by writing the word "__________".
38 Japan baseball team "Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles" is based in __________. Sendai Fukuoka
39 The Boston Red Sox, an American baseball team, is also known as __________ for the 37-foot-2-inch-high left field wall at Fenway Park, their home field. Green Monster Green Giant
40 According to the uniform invoice award regulations, the minimum winning amount of cloud invoices is __________. 500 yuan 200 yuan
41 Before using a new stainless steel pot, we need to first clean the __________ remained from the production process. Oil Fingerprints
42 In the anime "Aquatope of White Sand," the character Kukuru works at an aquarium named __________. Gama Gama Shuwa Shuwa
43 In the anime "Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song", Vivy's mission is to __________. Sing from her heart Become a good wife
44 In the anime "Love Live! Superstar!!", Kanon is scared by Hershey when she speaks Chinese, and says __________. Hello. Thanks, steamed buns. Bye. You sound divine.
45 Milkfishes are __________. Herbivorous Omnivorous
46 Tilapia are __________. Omnivorous Carnivorous
47 The first instrument in the world to record earthquakes is __________. Houfeng Didong Yi Armilla
48 In the anime "Joe's Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind", the name of Bruno's stand is __________. Gold Experience Moody Blues
49 The reason that people give horses horseshoes is __________. To Protect Their Hooves To Identify Them
50 When you see someone of the opposite sex in a critical situation, you may think that your heart is pounding because of that person. This effect is called __________. Suspension Bridge Effect Audience Effect
51 At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, China won __________ gold medals. 12 11
52 Sauna originated in __________. Finland Norway
53 Bluetooth is a common wireless transmission technology today. Its name comes from __________. Scandinavian Herminonen
54 Most of the cafeteria serves a side dish that mixes peas, corn and carrots, which is also known as __________. Tricolor Beans Traffic Light
55 __________ is a kind of poisonous snake that makes sounds from its tail when it encounters threats. Rattlesnake Cobra
56 Touch screen is a common interactive device today. Users' touches of __________ result in electrical flow, and the points of contact are detected by this change of voltage. Resistive Touch Screens Capacitive Touch Screens
57 The champion of NBA 2021 is __________. Milwaukee Bucks Phoenix Suns
58 The AI assistant in Apple's iOS system is named __________. Siri Alice
59 The lenses that are used to correct short-sightedness are __________. Concave Lens Convex Lens
60 The fifth season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is __________. Stone Sea Steel Ball Run
61 The thickness of a bundle of a thousand 100 NT dollar bills is about __________. 12 cm 14 cm
62 In the game Crazy Racing Kart Rider, the four earliest car models debuted are C1, E2, __________, and R4. G3 H3
63 In the movie "Dances with the Dragon", Lung Ka-Chun gave Mary six Mark Six tickets that won 2nd and 3rd division prizes as __________. Birthday Gift Prize Money
64 __________ is one of the four major museums in the world. Louvre, France The Palace Museum
65 The Jadeite Cabbage with Insects is an important cultural collection in the National Palace Museum. One of the insects carved on its leaves is __________. Locust Dragonfly
66 The Three Character Classic says "We speak of water, fire, wood, metal and earth. These five elements..." The lost part of this sentence is __________. have their origin in number. revolve without ceasing.
67 The length of the world Cultural Relic "The Great Wall of China" is about __________. 21,196 km 20,177 km
68 __________ can be synthesized by the human body through the action of sunlight. Vitamin D Vitamin B
69 Earthquakes frequently strike Taiwan because it is located at the junction of the __________ and the Philippine Sea Plate. Eurasian Plate Pacific Plate
70 The Pokemon that has the National Pokedex number #700 is __________. Sylveon Greninja
71 __________ caused the seasons. Earth Revolution Earth Rotation
72 Water's density __________ when it freezes. Decreases Increases
73 __________ plays a role in blood clotting. Platelets Lymphocytes
74 The adult human skeleton is made up of __________ bones. 206 210
75 Applying __________ to crumpled bills will remove the wrinkles on them. Paste Toothpaste
76 To slow down the oxidation of something, we can place things that contain __________ around them. Calcium Sulfate Calcium Carbonate
77 The fastest growing nail is the __________. Middle Finger Index Finger
78 The largest ocean in the world is __________. Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean
79 Sub Zero occurs at a temperature of __________. - 273.15 Degrees - 263.15 Degrees
80 The Leaning Tower of Pisa has __________ floors. 8 7
81 The nursery rhyme "Diu Diu Deng" is written in __________, Taiwan. Northeast U.S. East Canada
82 In a Taiwan saying "Fucheng, Lukang and Manka", the "Fucheng" refers to __________. Europe Southeast U.S.
83 The ancient Chinese poem "In heaven let us be two birds flying ever together, and on earth two trees with branches interlocked forever." was inspired by the story of __________. Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty and Yang Guifei Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai
84 The smallest county in Taiwan is __________. Caribbean Central U.S.
85 The first bank in the world was built in__________. Italy Switzerland
86 The Chinese character "琵 (pi)" and "琶 (pa)" from "琵琶 (pipa)", the term for an instrument, refer to __________. Playing Methods Different Instruments
87 The most common keyboard has __________ keys. 104 117
88 The blue Olympic ring presented in the Olympic Flag represents __________. Europe Asia
89 __________ lives in the pineapple house. SpongeBob Baby Turtle
90 The highest mountain in Taiwan is __________. Yushan Ali Mountain
91 It takes sunlight an average of __________ to travel from the sun to the earth. 500 secs 360 secs
92 To some degree, Snails breathe through their __________. Lungs Skin
93 __________ is occurred because of the surface tension caused by cohesion and adhesive forces between the liquid and surrounding solid surfaces Capillary Action Rope Coil
94 At the Cactus Plateau in Star Sand Desert, Moa King Kakkan is protecting __________. the Flower of Life a Dragon Egg
95 The Treasure Hunt in Star Sand Desert is called the "__________". Star Plan Galaxy Plan
96 The mercenaries at Cracked Sand Plain in Star Sand Desert are trembling due to __________. poisoning fear
97 At the Temple of Sand, the expedition team discovers that __________ has beaten them there. Caroline Akara
98 Tatiana betrays the Makar because she __________. is encouraged to do so by Micha hopes that Micha will become their leader
99 In the Main Quest storyline, you enter Wrathborne Temple in Ventos Prairie to get __________. Tears of Ares medicine
100 In the Main Quest storyline, you bring the Orb to Wrathborne Temple in Ventos Prairie to __________. reseal the temple recover the power of the staff
101 In the Main Quest storyline, the Church contacts the Sanknie Alliance to get __________. financial support military support
102 The Ruby Necklace stolen by Fleet Footed Adie belongs to __________. Star Sand Desert Travel Agent Seagram Banker Thorne
103 The gate of the city of Navea leads to __________. Crescent Hill Cactakara Forest
104 The necklace stolen from Banker Thorne was inlaid with a __________. Ruby Sapphire
105 Tribal Chief Taluda uses __________ powers. Holy Flash Storm
106 Tribal Chief Taluda is the leader of the __________. Gnomes Trolls
107 Rebel Leader Odum Ryan is actually the __________ Prince of the Makar in Ventos Prairie. third second
108 Rebel Leader Odum Ryan wanted to aquire the power of the __________ temple. Alabastren Obsidian
109 The cursed Envoy of Gaia in the Alabastren Temple is called __________. Sonjuno Sanjuro
110 Glimmering Woodbeast Noripan attacks by throwing __________. Bulbombs Bark Bombs
111 The bark of Otherworld Glimmering Woodbeast Noripan is __________. white green
112 The leaves of Otherworld Glimmering Woodbeast Noripan are __________. red green
113 Fia is the Princess of __________ Glen. Gydaie Golden
114 The final boss in Gydaie Glen is Ancient __________ Kayel the Protector. Sawbot Smartbot
115 Kayel the Protector in Gydaie Glen is a __________. Robot Mutant
116 Marauder Captain Qulun uses __________ to attack multiple enemies at the same time. Blade Dance Furious Blade
117 Marauder Captain Qulun uses __________ blades. 2 3
118 Giant Crystal Beetle Ramgram attacks by spawning __________. Crystal Beetle Larvae Iron Beetle Larvae
119 Giant Crystal Beetle Ramgram usually hides __________. underground in a flower
120 In Demarech Mines, Maggie summons __________ Titanius. Bloodface Scarletface
121 In Demarech Mines, Maggie releases __________ avatars to summon Titanius. 4 5
122 Zaunna is the __________ of the cult in Deep's Cavern. leader guide
123 At the bottom of Deep's Cavern lies __________ Adracei. Arachnid Queen Arachnid King
124 Adracei in Deep's Cavern is a __________. spider crab
125 Abyss Behemoth Argus attacks with __________. fire ice
126 Abyss Behemoth Argus is affected by the power of the __________. Cube of Gaia Cube of Creation
127 Candeo Marsh Plauguebearer Lestaro is evolved from a __________. Mudling Slimeling
128 Candeo Marsh Plaguebearer Lestaro attacks with __________. ice fire
129 Abyss Patroller Toto is evolved from a __________. Turtle Crab
130 The title of Toto in Candeo Core is __________. Patroller President
131 Sarpa Queen Asheara summons __________ to attack enemies. Ice Totems Water Totems
132 Sarpa Queen Asheara summons __________ to heal herself. Water Totems Ice Totems
133 The title of Asheara in Candeo Core is __________. Sarpa Queen Sarpa Princess
134 The __________ Prince of the Makar helps restore the seal of Wrathborne Temple. second third
135 After leaving Wrathborne Temple, Para Ryan is trapped in a __________. Crystal Prison Sealed Crystal
136 The left hand of Temporal Golem Kelosa is covered in __________. fire ice
137 The right hand of Temporal Golem Kelosa is covered in __________. ice fire
138 Temporal Golem Kelosa summons __________, becoming more resistant to damage. Void Crystals Temporal Crystals
139 Holy Unicorn Saint Hale is protected by a __________. Column of Light Column of Colors
140 Saint Hale is a Holy __________. Unicorn Pegasus
141 Fallen Warrior Frederic is __________. an Angel a Demon
142 The wings of Fallen Warrior Frederic are __________. white black
143 Ghostweep Chameleon Gekasso swallows __________ Butterfly Fairies. 3 4
144 When you defeat Gekasso in Ghostweep Cave, __________ Butterfly Fairies escape. 1 2
145 Ghostweep Chameleon Gekasso switches between __________ different colors. 4 3
146 Malodnak in Ghostweep Cave is a Zombie __________. Gatekeeper Watchdog
147 The Ghostweep Ruins Magic Source in Ghostweep Cave will transform Zombie Exiles into __________. Zombie Whippers Zombie Thrashers
148 Duke of the Beyond Talen summons __________ Zombies when he appears. 6 8
149 Chief Guardian Murfeo protects the legendary __________. Sand Gem Rock Gem
150 Helakar is the Eidolon of __________. Caroline Katrina
151 Immortal Demon Talamund's sworn enemy is __________. Wrenna Wynona
152 There are __________ levels in Infernal Abyss. 50 100
153 After every __________ levels, Incarnation of Zaahir will appear in Infernal Abyss. 5 10
154 The sleeping Great Leviathan Nazrudin is protected by __________ waves of Disciples. 25 50
155 In Whirlpool Abyss, Nazrudin Spawn will apear after every __________ waves of Disciples you defeat. 5 10
156 Granny Rose lost her way near __________ in Navea. Sky Tower Castle Church
157 During the game of hide-and-seek, Mick's friend Allen is hidden __________. on the roof in an alley
158 In the city of Navea, Leroux trains newbies by having them attack __________. Wooden Dummies Scarecrows
159 Laura owns a __________ in the Trade District of Navea. bakery flower shop
160 The matchsticks sold by Wendy in Navea cost __________. 1 Silver 10 Silver
161 There is an __________ in Navea that can be used as a free sightseeing service. Ostrich Carriage Ox Carriage
162 Delivery Person McArthur can't work because __________. he hurt his foot he took an arrow to the knee
163 Taz the Fisherman has lost a __________ in the pool in Navea. bag of money golden fish
164 The medical supplies in the cargo box in Port Skandia go to __________. Village Doctor Cal Warehouse Manager Bernie
165 Bunnyhops in Port Skandia like to eat __________. cabbage carrots
166 The professional fisherman in Port Skandia catches a __________. Large River Crab Golden Fish
167 Westen gives you a picture called "__________" as a reward for bringing him Common Sage. The Soaring Skies of Skandia Springtime in Skandia
168 Flower's experiment turns a Sunbird into a __________. Sunbird Egg Giant Sunbird
169 The "most beautiful girl" mentioned in the letter found at Helonia Coast is actually __________. Solitary Woman Auntie May
170 The Sneaky Villager of Helonia's true identity is __________. a Catseye Pirate Spy a Thief
171 Green Juice and __________ are the materials mentioned in the Gnome makeup book. Birdbrain Feathers Beebis Feathers
172 Carmichael's job at Helonia Coast is to __________. keep the windmill working predict earthquakes
173 Ralph at Helonia Coast dreams of becoming a __________. Pirate King Pirate Admiral
174 Perry of Helonia Coast names his parrot __________. Bobby Robbie
175 Birdbrain Feathers and __________ are the materials mentioned in the Gnome makeup book. Green Juice Black Juice
176 The Strange Beans around Crescent Hill grew into a __________ at Clark Farm. Rainbow Beetle Rainbow Flower
177 Anthony of Crescent Hill needs Lion's Mane to __________. make his hair grow back make his beard grow back
178 Gruff's Baby at Crescent Hill is a lovely __________. Jerboa Bunnyhop
179 When you give Moonlight Flower to Nala of Lunarin, she will give you __________ as a reward. Garland scarf
180 The __________ in Cactakara Forest can be used as a fuel additive, dramatically increasing a machine's performance. Grass Sprite Spores Mechanical Power Core
181 In Cactakara Forest, there is a goat named "__________" whose favorite food is apples. Princess Queenie
182 If you practice meditating under the waterfall, you will receive the title of __________. Master of Meditations Eternal Rising Sun
183 Posey of Cactakara Forest is searching for Purple Lotus to refine __________. the ultimate fuel the ultimate elixir
184 In Cactakara Forest, Stark's newest invention is __________. But it can't be used for the competition. Iron Gear Steel Gear
185 In Cactakara Forest, a goat named Princess loves to eat __________ more than anything. apples corn
186 The Pickaxe lost by the Miner in Tomitosa was a momento from his __________. father grandfather
187 When you throw the Goddess Engraved Coin into Demarech Pool, the Goddess will __________. throw the coin back in your face grant you a wish
188 The Miracle Rock Beetles in Demarech Mines grow bigger if hit by __________. a Shining Stone the Best Slingshot in the World
189 In the Demarech Mines, you can find a special type of Miracle Stone called __________. a Shining Stone a Sage Stone
190 The Scavenger Birds in Demarech Mines become enraged if attacked by __________. the Best Slingshot in the World a Shining Stone
191 Near Demarech Pool you can find a Wilderness Survival Guide, which belongs to __________. Rebecca Luther
192 The Wandering Villager in New Moon Hunting Grounds is chasing after __________. a great beauty who has eluded him for 3 days his grandmother who died last year
193 When you use the Blowdart on the Stone Hammer Hunters in Triatio Highlands, they __________. take a cactus needle to the eye take an arrow to the knee
194 If your clean the Dusty Old Grail in Triatio Highlands, a Chalice Demon will appear and __________. try to steal your soul grant three of your wishes
195 The specialty of Triatio Highlands, Cactus Ice, is made from Ice, Cactus Fruit and __________. Honey Maple Syrup
196 Marvin's comment on Stout Beef Stew is: __________ Disgusting! Delicious!
197 The specialty of Demarech Mines, Candeo Mushrooms, are __________. toxic and inedible edible after being dried and well-seasoned
198 Sterling feeds the Turtles because he __________. wants a companion wants to defeat Schroeder
199 In Candetonn, Penny uses __________ to test the spring water from Sarpa Abyss. a human test subject a pH stick
200 Investigator Charlie's favorite animals are __________. Unicorns Rabbits
201 Slick of Candetonn uses Mud to build __________ to frighten the Demon. a monster bombs
202 Penny of Candetonn uses __________ to test the spring water from Sarpa Abyss. a human test subject a pH stick
203 The Achievement you earn after finding the Braided Rope for Nico is __________. Wrath of the Lioness Fearsome
204 Placing the Makar Totem at the entrance to Oracle will __________ the Makar's morale. boost decrease
205 To gain the Blessing of Sprites in Ventos Prairie, you need to pray to __________ ancestral totems. 3 4
206 After helping Mosley catch the Jerboa in Ventos Prairie, you get __________ as a reward. a Strange Skewer a Dark Beer
207 The Oracle Tribe has a mysterious potion which makes Jerboa __________. smaller faster
208 The Title you earn after finding the Braided Rope for Nico is __________. Fearsome Wrath of the Lioness
209 In Ventos Prairie, Ahketa needs you to collect hair from a __________ to make artificial manes for his disgraced brethren. Shaggy Hoofbeast Bloodthirsty Wolf
210 The package that Drew lost during his escape contains __________. a small pillow his Grandmother's necklace
211 Marty's comment on the Mysterious Cactus Fruit is: __________ It tastes the same as any other cactus fruit! How unique!
212 If you don't help Lamarr of Oblitus Wood get his Work Hat, he might __________. go crazy take an arrow to the knee
213 __________ is the mother of poor forgotten little Sidney. Marissa Fulla
214 Dwight of Oblitus Wood hid himself in a cart to escape. He finally arrived in __________. Krok Village Nudak Fortress
215 The real name of the compass found in Sand Owl Camp is __________. Star Sand Compass Star Ocean Compass
216 Derek of Oblitus Wood wants to set up an instrument at the top of the mountain that will __________. detect approaching monsters measure wind speed
217 In Star Sand Desert, Desert Jerboas can be found __________. north of Palmgil Oasis south of Cracked Sand Plain
218 Ada of Star Sand Desert thinks the thieves' code in the treasure cave is "__________" Open Biscuits! Open Sesame!
219 The Delicious Cactoid mentioned by Marvin calls himself __________. Mysterious Cactoid Cactoid King
220 According to information found in the worn treasure chest in Star Sand Desert, the "white sand" is actually __________. a waterfall snow
221 In Star Sand Desert, the Expedition Team Leader is named __________. Bernard Bertrand
222 In Crescent Hill, Cass __________ Holly's invitation to the Crescent Ceremony. accepts rejects
223 Maddy wants to have __________ skin like the fairies. green purple
224 Kevin of Crescent Hill __________ bananas. hates loves
225 Kristin of Cactakara Forest keeps waking up because Reuben __________. makes too much noise repairing machines snores too loudly
226 Mary of Cactakara Forest wishes to the giant rainbow for __________. another wish all the rainbow candies in the world
227 Pam and Danielle of Cactakara Forest bet __________ candies. 20 10
228 The Legendary Craftsman, who Ted met in Cactakara Forest, is famous for __________. breaking everything he repairs his glowing hands
229 Jane of Triatio Highlands wants to __________ with Connor. travel the world build a cozy little farm in her hometown
230 Emeline and Jeffen of Triatio Highlands ae __________. archaeologists biologists
231 Jerry and Nikki of Triatio Highlands are playing __________. in the sand hide-and-seek
232 Ernest had a big fight with his wife because of his __________ Gustav. good friend mortal enemy
233 In Candeo Marsh, Gustav left the village to __________ Ernest. heal escape from
234 In Candeo Marsh, Dora made Mickey cry by __________. playing jokes on him confessing her love for him
235 In Ventos Prairie, Quenton flirted desperately with Alanna. All of his effort finally __________. failed won her over
236 In Ventos Prairie, Sandro and Woods decided to __________ to relive their childhood. fly kites roll around in the grass
237 In Ventos Prairie, Ivy helped to find the lost __________. necklace earring
238 In Oblitus Wood, Monty worries a lot about __________ who went to Ghostweep Cave. Shaine Dominic
239 In Oblitus Wood, Shaine wants to __________ Shana when he returns to the village. propose to break up with
240 In Oblitus Wood, Cody went looking for her __________ despite the danger. pet cow boyfriend
241 In Oblitus Wood, Auburn planned to take the __________ that his wife had hidden from him. gold coins biscuits
242 In Star Sand Desert, Posey's Treasure Map is actually Guy's __________. random doodling old photo
243 In Star Sand Desert, Powell plans to leave __________. together with Phillip without telling Phillip
244 Hank of Star Sand Desert wants to become a __________. King of Thieves Pirate King
245 Sheila of Star Sand Desert thinks that Maxim is __________. kind and responsible a complete idiot
246 Romeo and Juliet are in __________ when they decide to travel together. Port Skandia Helonia Coast
247 Kenny of Port Skandia only eats __________ fish. roast boiled
248 In Port Skandia, the dishonest vegetable seller charges __________ gold for his green vegetables. 81000 18000
249 In Port Skandia, __________ worries that he will go bald. Sam Peter
250 The First Mate in Helonia Coast doesn't care about women because __________. a brotherhood doesn't need women women are too much trouble
251 In Helonia Coast, Romeo and Juliet get romantic __________. at the beach in the grassland
252 Lazy Alan of Helonia Coast is actually responsible for __________. delivering fertilizer taking care of the fruit trees
253 In Helonia Coast, Anna got the apples for __________. free only 5 gold
254 In Demarech Mines, Merilee brings his brother to search for Crystal Ore to their ailing __________. Grandmother Mother
255 The specialty of Demarech Mines is __________. Ecstasy Fruit Ecstasy Rice
256 Father Bo and Mother Bo of Demarech Mines have __________ children. 6 7
257 To earn the title of "Dancer," you have to listen carefully to the stories from the people of __________. Crescent Hill Demarech Mines
258 To earn the title of "Forest Hunter," you have to listen carefully to the stories from the people of __________. Cactakara Forest Oblitus Wood
259 To earn the title of "World Traveler," you have to listen carefully to the stories from the people of __________. Oblitus Wood Star Sand Desert
260 You can complete the achievement "Star Crossed" in __________. Triatio Highlands Candeo Marsh
261 You can complete the achievement "Forbidden Love" in __________. Ventos Prairie Helonia Coast
262 You can complete Achievement "__________" after listening to the conversation between the Younger Practitioner and the Older Practitioner in Cactakara Forest. That Takes Dedication Training...
263 You can complete achievement "__________" by listening in as Jeffen searches for clues in Triatio Highlands. Broken Hopes Salvaged Dreams
264 In the achievement "Anything For Love," you learned that __________ was beaten up in Star Sand Desert. Romeo Juliet
265 The Mushroom Girl appears in __________. Helonia Coast Port Skandia
266 Navea's specialty is __________. Navea Special Roast Tea Clark's Fresh Milk
267 You can gather __________ from the Stardust Flower Bush. Stardust Flowers Ghost Peppers
268 Helonia's specialty is __________. Helonian Fruit Jelly Navea Special Roast Tea
269 You can gather __________ from the Stardust Flower Bush. Fragrant Flowers Giant Egg
270 The specialty of Lunarin in Crescent Hill is __________. Crescent Hill Tea Murky Coffee
271 You can gather __________ from the Nut Trees. Chopped Nuts Mushrooms
272 The ingredients for Dragon Soul Energy Drink are Beary Refreshing Drink and __________. Vigor Leaves Flower Biscuit
273 You can gather __________ from the Oasis Spice Bush. Oasis Spices Oasis Beer
274 You can gather __________ from the Highland Wheat Plants in Triatio Highlands. Highland Wheat Highland Wheat Flour
275 The specialty of Candeo Marsh is __________. Murky Coffee Highland Buffalo Milk
276 You can gather __________ from the Wind Spice Bush. Green Allspice Miracle Thornapple
277 According to Ventos Sommelier Kronk, the best beer is __________. a Dark Beer Oasis Beer
278 In Oblitus Wood, Nudak Cook Lizzy's favorite food is __________. Sweet 'n Sour Meatballs Mini Meatballs
279 In Forest Oblitus, Nudak Cook Lizzy and Apprentice Brewer Summer are __________. siblings a couple
280 In Star Sand Desert, Palmgil Baker Doyle and Beverage Merchant Barney are __________. siblings a couple
281 You complete the Achievement "__________" by defeating Destroyer Wade in Helonia Coast. Wrecking Ball All In the Details
282 You complete the Achievement "__________" by defeating Doniland The Glutton in Helonia Coast. See-Food Diet Appetite Overload
283 You complete the Achievement "__________" by defeating the rare elite monsters of Cactakara Forest. Cactakara Curator Hero of Demarech Mines
284 You complete the Achievement "__________" by defeating <Cruel Blood> Galen in Demarech Mines. Thirst For Blood Thirst For Beer
285 You complete the Achievement "__________" by defeating "Thousand-Needle" Stingey in Triatio Highlands. Effective Lure Hot Stuff
286 You complete the Achievement "__________" by defeating the rare elite monsters of Candeo Marsh. Marsh Madness Martian Madness
287 You complete the Achievement "__________" by defeating "Iron Wall" Kelosa in Star Sand Desert. Armed to the Teeth Ghostly Tremors
288 The Achievement you complete by completing your first kill is "__________". Blood On Your Hands Brimming With Potential
289 To complete the Achievement "Desensitized", you need to complete __________ kills. 30 300
290 The Achievement "Iron Grip" is completed by getting __________ from the mysterious treasure chest. Sigrun's Grips Elsa's Grips
291 Get Merrilee's Loving Gaze from the mysterious treasure chest to complete the Achievement "__________". Making Me Blush Shield of Devotion
292 The Achievement "Shield of Devotion" is completed by getting __________ from the mysterious treasure chest. Merrilee's Loving Protection Mac's Loving Protection
293 Get Mac's Vest of Bold Determination from the mysterious treasure chest to complete the Achievement "__________". Aye Cap'n! Yes'm!
294 The Achievement "Utility Belt" is completed by getting __________ from the mysterious treasure chest. Iron Guard's Sturdy Belt Sigrun's Belt of Protection
295 The Achievement "You Need to Cool Off" is completed by defeating __________. <Silent Assassin> Tsubaki <Nine-Tailed Vixen> Kotonoha
296 The Achievement "Animal Control" is completed by defeating __________. <Bunnyhop Lord> Beirut <Local Bully> Bunnyhop Boss
297 The Achievement "Floppy Brain's Lobotomy (Party)" is completed by defeating __________. <Deep Sea Jelly> Floppy Brain <Sea Slug> Flippity Flop
298 Serif believes that true __________ is to try your best to protect those you love. courage justice
299 __________ is not one of Serif's skills. Feline Onslaught Electrical Storm
300 Serif has a huge crush on __________. Merrilee Endora
301 Merrilee thinks that __________ is a medicine that nourishes one's heart. love fame
302 Merrilee's favorite fruit is __________. apples banana
303 __________ is not one of the the four Eidolons that you can choose when creating a character. Serena Merrilee
304 Grimm thinks that the true spirit of __________ is fighting with your friends, sharing the good times and the bad. adventure battle
305 Grimm's favorite season is __________. summer winter
306 Grimm believes that he will one day be able to __________. control the sun and the moon travel through time and space
307 Alessa believes that __________ means no favoritism and no impropriety. justice honesty
308 __________ is not one of the the four Eidolons that you can choose when creating a character. Shaiya Alessa
309 Alessa wonders why no one has ever asked her about her wonderful __________. hooves mane
310 Gigas believes that true __________ means not to let your opponents suffer. gentleness justice
311 Gigas likes to __________. train eat cupcakes
312 The animal Gigas hates most is __________. serpents spiders
313 Aelius thinks that __________ are the most important people in life. family friends
314 Of all the instruments, Aelius can play __________ best. Harp Violin
315 Aelius longs for his __________ to forgive him. sister brother
316 Eligos thinks that his greatest weakness __________. is non-existent is pride
317 Eligos __________. used to have a good friend never had any friends
318 __________ is not one of Eligos' skills. Corrosive Reaper Moon Slash
319 Sigrun thinks that life is all about __________. battles parties
320 Sigrun's __________ is a gift of Gaia. Armor Sword
321 __________ is not one of Sigrun's skills. As Cold as Ice Condensation
322 Uzuriel thinks that __________ is only a short section of the cycle of life. death middle-age
323 Uzuriel's dominant hand is her __________. right hand left hand
324 Uzuriel's favorite flowers are __________. lilies daffodils
325 Bel-Chandra's dream is __________. for all to bow before the peerless beauty of her dance to destroy the world with madness
326 Bel-Chandra's third eye can release __________. Holy Flash Storm
327 __________ is not one of Bel-Chandra's skills. Furious Dynamo Dance of the Conduit
328 Vayu thinks that __________ is the key to getting along with people. tolerance respect
329 Vayu can't stand it when people __________ touch his tender scale. climb on his back.
330 Vayu used to go to battle together with __________. The Dragon Emporor his father.
331 Yarnaros believes that the greatest power is __________. speed strength
332 Yarnaros is not good at __________. riddles meditation
333 Yarnaros' friends do not include a __________. princess powerful king
334 Quelkulan believes that __________ comes from experience, and experience is distorted by ego. knowledge strength
335 Quelkulan is not good at __________. humor healing
336 __________ was once the sworn enemy of Quelkulan. Gigas Aelius
337 Zaahir thinks that a friend is __________. a person who can share your joys and woes a person who can encourage you
338 Zaahir belongs to the race of the __________. sprites dragons
339 Zaahir is known for his __________. incredibly high temperature very large feet
340 The animal Kotonoha's likes least is __________. dogs cats
341 Kotonoha's real form is a __________. golden nine-tailed fox golden, nine-tailed cat
342 Kotonoha's favorite food is __________. inarizushi and fried tofu strawberry sundae and chocolate cake
343 Tigerius Caesar thinks that __________ is an invisible medal that you put on your coat. honor strength
344 Tigerius Caesar doesn't enjoy __________. having his belly rubbed eating steaks that aren't well-seasoned
345 The only place Tigerius Caesar has failed to conquer is __________. a kingdom in the desert a kingdom in the mountains
346 For Bahadur, __________ protects the rights of the public, even if it means making hard sacrifices. disciple justice
347 The labyrinth where Bahadur lives in is also his __________. underground command post banquet hall
348 __________ is not one of Bahadur's skills. Burning Flame Shock Heat Wall
349 Tsubaki is not good at __________. cooking fighting in battle
350 Tsubaki is not good at using __________. chopsticks Shuriken & Kunai
351 Tsubaki's good friends do not include a __________. Abraxas Nalani
352 __________ once had a very special relation with Cleopawtra. Tigerius Caesar Nazrudin
353 Cleopawtra wants to know what it is like to __________. conquer a kingdom conquer her fear of flying
354 Cleopatra's best feature is her __________. eyes fur
355 Serena's weapon is __________. a book a blade
356 __________ are Serena' favorite animal. rabbits penguins
357 Serena doesn't want to talk to __________. Aelius Gigas
358 Endora's secret pleasure is __________. sneaking into people's dreams playing with kittens
359 Endora has a crush on __________. Serif Eligos
360 __________ and Endora's weapons come from the same place. Merrilee Serena
361 Winged Butterfly Maya is __________ than her sister Mia. older younger
362 Winged Butterfly Mia is __________ than her sister Maya. younger older
363 Envoy of Gaia Mia's title is __________. Right-Wing Butterfly Left-Wing Butterfly
364 Envoy of Gaia Maya's title is __________. Left-Wing Butterfly Right-Wing Butterfly
365 Beebis was not raised by __________. Flower Elena
366 Elena and Flower of Port Skandia are __________. a witch and her assistant siblings
367 __________ was working on the translation of the runestones in Port Skandia. Miles Elena
368 When the Envoy of Gaia fights against Brian in the Hidden Cave, his Eidolon is a __________. bloodthirsty panther bloodthirsty wolf
369 The best fighter in Lunarin in Crescent Hill is __________. Foreman Potter Young Man Halton
370 In Crescent Hill, __________ brings players into Navea. Anya Victoria
371 Assistant Craftsman Paolo, located outside the Alabastren Temple, comes from __________. Cactakara Forest Crescent Hill
372 When you first arrived in Crescent Hill, __________ wasn't too fond of outsiders. Lunarin Chief Omar Old Craftsman Anthony
373 In Lunarin in Crescent Hill, Chief Omar and Young Man Halton are __________. grandfather and grandson father and son
374 In Navea, the ladies who do business in Dome Square are dying to meet __________. Guard Officer Gus Templar Commander Andre
375 Scholar Miles, who was killed in the Demarech Mines, is a great authority on __________. Ancient Languages Dimensional Fissures
376 After defeating the Oracle Gnomes, King Leo declares that __________ will be the new leader of the Ventos Tribe. Second Prince Para Ryan Eldest Prince Palo Ryan
377 Eldest Prince Palo Ryan gets poisoned by the __________. Gnomes Avian's Potion
378 Imperial Bodyguard Shalen of Ventos Prairie once served __________. Third Prince Odum Ryan Rebel General Micha
379 The relationship between Old Man Harvey of Demarech Mines and Knight Blacksmith Analisa is __________. master and assistant father and daughter
380 In Demarech Mines, __________ is badly injured while saving his father. Young Man Bobby Merchant Luther
381 In Fulcheth Forest of Oblitus Wood, the children of Krok Village __________ Church Guard Zachary. like are you afraid of
382 Analisa's apprentice, Byron, is most afraid of __________. riding on animals practicing forging
383 Templar Commander Andre usually uses __________ as his weapon. Sword and Shield Dual Blades
384 Near Castle Church stands Horace, a scholar of __________. Zombies Ancient Scripts
385 In Navea, Banker Thorne's necklace is stolen by __________. Fleet Footed Adie Short Footed Adie
386 Lucas, who was killed in Candeo Marsh, lived in __________ with his wife. Helonia Candetonn
387 The Templar who won the battle against the Corpser Bandits is __________. Alex Anya
388 The Tafay Chief's name is __________. Tobin Dolan
389 The champion of the last Robot Competition was __________. Montero the Mechanic Augustus
390 Henry and Mark in Fernscall Woods of Candeo Marsh were once commanded by __________. Alex Anya
391 The brothers Isaac and Braeden of Helonia are professional __________. Fisherman Hunters
392 In Candeo Core, the Shadow Knight tries to convince Templar __________ to switch sides. Alex Andre
393 Jill, the little girl who appears both in Navea and Oblitus Wood, is the daughter of __________. Analisa Victoria
394 The dish that Bella makes to bribe Achemist Perry is called __________. Spicy Apple Escargot Helonian Fruit Jelly
395 Braeden, the younger of the two fisherman in Helonia, has __________ hair. Blond Brown
396 Isaac, the older of the two fisherman in Helonia, has __________ hair. Brown Blond
397 In Navea, Barry is responsible for __________. guarding Sky Tower handling Guild Affairs
398 In the church audience chamber in Navea, the name of the Grand Bishop is __________. Belenus Lucius
399 Odum Ryan and Blacksmith Analisa met for the first time at __________. Oblitus Wood Navea
400 The Templar with the long, shaggy hair is __________. Alex Andre
401 When the Dragon appeared in Helonia Coast, the first Eidolon to meet it was __________. Aelius Sigrun
402 In Miner's Steppe, __________ attacks Investigation Team Vice Leader Floyd. Assistant Maggie Marauder Captain Qulun
403 In the Star Sand Desert, the local boy Haas wants to help because __________. he wants to earn some extra money he wants to pay a debt of gratitude
404 The dragon Wrenna was once sealed by __________. <Immortal Demon> Talamund <Desert Guide> Akara
405 In Candetonn, Grandpa Will declares that he saw __________ with his own eyes. Vampires Bats
406 In Hunters' Mountain Village, Village Chief Dallan and Chef Kara are __________. mother and son master and servant
407 Chef Kara of Hunters' Mountain Village was once a __________ when he was young. hunter doctor
408 When you joined the Robot Competition in Cactakara Forest, Montero's robot was named __________. Robot Montebrown Mk.V Robot Prototype Pierre
409 Garrison Captain Kane at Port Skandia hopes that you and Brian __________. kill each other become good friends
410 In Navea, __________ accompanied you on the Ostrich Ride. Blacksmith Apprentice Byron Merchant Luther
411 In Navea, __________ is in charge of refining. Analisa Jill
412 Weapons Refining is available for level __________ and above. 40 30
413 The Attack Bonus for refined weapons can be as high as __________. 130 140
414 You can refine a Lightning Guardsman's Sword and Shield to create __________ Defender's Sword and Shield. Holy Flash Random
415 Refining Cores __________ be added to a green quality base item. can cannot
416 The highest Expertise Rating for a recipe is __________. A S
417 In the Demarech Mines, __________ will help you with Precision Forging. Harvey Denton
418 You can obtain __________ through the Refining System. Adjudicator's Sword and Shield Zaahir's Unyielding Sword and Shield
419 Amaranth __________ one of the materials needed to make a Refining Core. is not is
420 When refining weapons, the attack bonus of your green quality weapon __________ influence the attack bonus of the refined orange quality weapon. will will not
421 You __________ forge Eidolon Accessories after buying recipes. can cannot
422 You __________ create Gold Quality Cuisine by Refining it. cannot can
423 When Forging, it __________ possible for the attempt to fail and to lose all materials. is not is
424 You __________ create powerful Fishing Equipment through Fusion. can cannot
425 The bonus stats of items created by Forging __________ when you make them. has nothing to do with is closely related to
426 The Secret Stones that can increase the CRIT Rate of skills are called __________. Sunrise Secret Stones Crimson Secret Stone
427 The Secret Stones that can increase the CRIT DMG of skills are called __________. Golden Secret Stones Sunset Secret Stones
428 The Secret Stones that can increase the Effect Duration of skills are called __________. Emerald Secret Stone Azure Secret Stone
429 The Secret Stones that can decrease the Cooldown of skills are called __________. Azure Secret Stone Golden Secret Stones
430 The Secret Stones that can increase the Radius of skills are called __________. Indigo Secret Stones Sunset Secret Stones
431 The Secret Stones that can increase the Range of skills are called __________. Sunset Secret Stones Golden Secret Stones
432 The shape of Secret Stones which can be inlaid in weapons is __________. round triangle
433 The shape of Secret Stones which can be inlaid in helmets is __________. diamond octagon
434 The shape of Secret Stones which can be inlaid in armor is __________. hexagon round
435 The shape of Secret Stones which can be inlaid in gloves is __________. triangle hexagon
436 The shape of Secret Stones which can be inlaid in boots is __________. teardrop square
437 The shape of Secret Stones which can be inlaid in belts is __________. square teardrop
438 The books left by the ancient heroes are called __________. Mastery Books Bibles
439 To Fortify an item, you need a large number of __________. Fragments Scrolls
440 If the attempt to Fortify fails, __________ is increased. Potential Points Power Points
441 When an item's potential reaches 100, it's fortification level will automatically __________. increase by 1 decrease by 1
442 When you start your journey on the Envoy's Path, you must first choose your __________. Class Secondary Weapon
443 By greeting your friends online, you can earn __________. Loyalty points friendship points
444 The Rankings are updated everyday at __________. 5 A.M. 6 A.M.
445 You can earn __________ by completing quests. Tokens Explorer Coins
446 You can earn __________ by competing in the Arena. War Coins Battle Coins
447 Players can only set up a stall in __________. the Stall Area Candeo Marsh
448 You can equip __________ Trophy of the same kind at once. only one more than one
449 Talking with Eidolons can increase their __________. Energy Magic
450 Using potions automatically in battle is called __________. Auto-Potion Auto-Drink
451 You must reach Level __________ to found your own guild. 20 25
452 You can choose a Secondary Class after reaching Level __________. 40 45
453 Eidolon Evolution will dramatically increase their __________. stats magic
454 From Level __________ on, players can spend their Envoy's Path Points. 3 5
455 In the Fame Quest "Eclipse Rabbit Cave," __________ stole the Moonlight Rice Cake. Eclipse Rabbit Tribe Moonlight Rabbit Tribe
456 __________ is the Elder of the Moonlight Rabbit Tribe in Crescent Hill. Immanuel Layla
457 In the Fame Quest "Lightless Firework Village," __________ attacks the village. Daq Erwin
458 In the Fame Quest "Lightless Firework Village," __________ is the Guardian Sprite. Floret Daq
459 In the "Turkey Time" quest in Coast of Helionia, the turkey is fully cooked after __________ times on the grill. 8 9
460 In the Fame Quest "Machinery Ruins," the engine overheats, causing the device to crash after __________ flights. 3 2
461 Astra sends the chocolate from __________. Helonia Skandia
462 When Astra asks the Envoy of Gaia to dispatch the Secret Valentine's Chocolate, the recipient's name is written __________ on a card on the packaging. on the chocolate wrapping paper.
463 In the Fame Quest "Mystery of the Haunted House," Nelly will not turn into __________ to defeat the player. Hel Kotonoha
464 In the Fame Quest "Mystery of the Haunted House," the name of the small pumpkin at the entrance is __________. Bruce Endora
465 In the Fame Quest "Winter Village," __________ is not needed to Repair the snow sledge. Wooden Stick Inedible Red Fruit
466 In the Fame Quest "Winter Village," __________ pulls the snow sledge. Beebis a Deer
467 Dragon Points can be used to trade for various items in __________. the Adventure Encyclopedia the Monster Encyclopedia
468 Dragon Points can be earned by defeating __________ Dungeon Boss Monsters. Dungeon Normal Monsters.
469 Dragon Points can be earned by defeating __________ Rare Elites. Normal Monsters.
470 Dragon Points can be earned by defeating __________ Eidolons other players.
471 Defeating the Dungeon Boss Monsters earns you __________. Dragon Points Tokens
472 When the character level reaches __________ you will receive an invitation from the Anglers Anonymous. 40 20
473 The first Fishing Fisher that you met was __________. Elle Fisher Fozzie Fisher
474 The leader of the Penguin Bandits is not __________. Nymphet Nebuchadnezzar
475 When the Fish King is caught, __________ suddenly appears to attack the fisherman. Nebuchadnezzar Nabopolassar
476 __________ is the Anglers Anonymous CEO. Preston Myrna
477 The Demon Glutton in Alabastren Temple removes the seal from __________. the Thunder-Dragon King the Sky Dragon King
478 The legendary Thunder-Dragon King was sealed in __________. Alabastren Temple Demarech Mines
479 In Gydaie Glen, the Charm Queen removes the seal from __________. the Sky Dragon King the Aqua-Dragon Queen
480 The legendary Sky Dragon King was sealed in __________. Gydaie Glen Alabastren Temple
481 In Demarech Mines, the Frozen Sorcerer removes the seal from __________. the Aqua-Dragon Queen the Thunder-Dragon King
482 The legendary Aqua-Dragon Queen was sealed in __________. Demarech Mines Gydaie Glen
483 Altogether there were __________ factions that participated in the battle for Vulture's Vale on the side of the allies. 6 4
484 In the ingredients for the potion making quest in Vulture's Vale, __________ is described as an alien organism. Forest Land Crab Insect Remains
485 In the battle for Vulture's Vale, __________ fought alone at Black Tooth City. Tatiana Shalen
486 In the battle for Vulture's Vale, the Dark Legion used __________ to incur heavy losses among the Alliance. Scourge Artillery Punishing Artillery
487 In the battle for Blizzard Berg, you are forced to jump from the Magic Circle in order to evade droves of __________. Wild Boar Runic Ghost
488 In the battle for Blizzard Berg, a battle robot must be ridden to defeat __________. Giant Deadwood Giant Driftwood
489 In the battle for Blizzard Berg, the Sarpas strive to revive __________ at The Great Seal. Giant Dragon Demon
490 In the battle for Blizzard Berg, __________ is responsible for passing on information for the Dark Legion. Icehoof Blitzer Demidrake
491 On the front line of the battle, __________ opens Banoleth's Ancient Cage. Horsemen of War a Fallen Angel
492 The defences at the Carrion Barrier are strong, but __________ from Black Tooth City still manages to parachute onto the barrier. Forsaken Soldier Blacktooth Werewolf
493 Chief Amon is the most formidable of warriors. __________ can make him afraid. Deepsea Monstrosity Tanner Jones
494 In the battle for Blizzard Berg, __________ is commander of the church army. Alex Anya
495 In the battle for Blizzard Berg, the Engineer Yakko who has an accident is a resident of __________. Meriland Feren Village
496 In the battle for Blizzard Berg, Mac says that __________ must be protected. Selena Lawrence
497 Vermilion thinks that everything that humans say __________. contradicts what they are thinking is sincere
498 The small bird beside Vermilion is her __________. master pet
499 Vermilion's outfit was left to her by her __________. mother master
500 Shirayuki thinks that __________ can also sometimes be a powerful weapon. tenderness tears
501 Shirayuki's pet is a __________ called Momiji. Pipe Fox Nekomata
502 Shirayuki is not proficient in the art of __________. Drama Dance
503 Kaiser Zeta's dream is __________. to fly toward to the sun to conquer the world
504 Kaiser Zeta was created by __________. Daedalus Bahadur
505 The power source fueling Kaiser Zeta stems from __________. Cube of Gaia Cube of Magic
506 Hel believes that she has __________ brothers. 3 2
507 Hel's habits are similar to __________. Crow Owl
508 Hel and __________ have a complicated past. Bealdor Alucard
509 Alucard thinks that strength is not only physical, but is also rooted in __________. heart and soul memory
510 Alucard's unique dual blades can cut through __________. Time and Space Chains and Soul Connections
511 Alucard has come to Terra in order to __________. make good on an old promise to judge the world before the apocalypse
Guild Quiz Answers
# Question Answer
3001 What is the Black Knight's original name? Reinhardt
3002 Who is the person who took over Belenus as Grand Bishop? Imma
3003 What is the name of <Demon Queen> Delfonia's Dungeon? ShatteredNetherworld
3004 Which Demon King did <Soul Shatterer> Keres swear her loyalty to? Delfonia
3005 What is the name of <Templar> Victoria's father? Winston
3006 Who blocked Isai's attack while Isai was fighting against the main character? Mia
3007 Who is the Western Knight Captain of the Church? Yahrune
3008 In the Alabastren Temple, who is the Prince of Makar who hunts for power and fights the main character? (No last name required) Odum
3009 What is the name of the Black Knight's wife? Luciana
3010 Who defeated the Thunder-Dragon King, the Sky Dragon King, and the Aqua-Dragon Queen and took their power? Von
3011 What is Alina's favorite food? FriedTofu
3012 What is the name of the fox next to Alina? LittleJade
3013 Which God is Alina not good at dealing with? Amaterasu
3014 What is the name of Bealdor's sword? Sid
3015 Bealdor regrets losing his friend due to his ignorance. Which friend is it? Hel
3016 Which Eidolon does Bealdor think is arrogant and overconfident? Eligos
3017 Who is Kusanagi's master? Amaterasu
3018 Who was Kusanagi born from? Orochi
3019 What is Kusanagi's mecha made of? Scabbard
3020 What is the name of Yumikaze's bow? BeautyOfNature
3021 What is the name of the Yumikaze's eagle? Mayo
3022 Which Eidolon does Yumikaze often practise with? Kusanagi
3023 What is the name of the Astraea's Weapon? DuchessVictory
3024 What is the food that Astraea always want to try? TheGoldenApple
3025 Which Eidolon has praised Astraea's crafting skills? Tanith
3026 Does Cesela prefer day or night? Night
3027 Cesela was born under the Moon Shadow. Which Eidolon was born under the Moonlight? Serena
3028 Which Eidolon does Cesela consider as the best harp player? Aelius
3029 What is the name of Diao Chan's fan? NewMoon
3030 Diao Chan can sometimes confuse Dwarf with other races? Gnomes
3031 Which Eidolon whom Diao Chan considered as always speaking in the most refined tone? Alucard
3032 Uriel once joined the Cesela band. What's the name of the band? TheMoonshadowBand
3033 Which Eidolon does Uriel consider as a very attractive girl? Hel
3034 Which Eidolon has been always hidden by Uriel? Uzuriel
3035 Who is Amaterasu's Elder Brother? Tsukuyomi
3036 What is the name of Amaterasu's weapon? SacredMirror
3037 What does Amaterasu describe life as? fire
3038 What is the name of Alice's cat companion and weapon? Ches
3039 Where does Alice come from? Wonderland
3040 Who was Alice's former Queen in Wonderland? TheQueenOfHearts
3041 In the Fame Quest "Haunted Mine", who left the ring that Grandmother
3042 In the Fame Quest "Haunted Mine," what is the name of the miner Garrin
3043 In the Fame Quest "Iron Soul," what is the title of the person MaverickLord
3044 In the Fame Quest "Iron Soul," what is the name of the main character's mech Rockman
3045 In the Fame Quest "Sinister Cult," what is the name of the first Elite Sinister Cultist you met? HermanoLadron
3046 In the Fame Quest "Sinister Cult," what is the Cult Leader's name? Dabo
3047 In the Fame Quest "Rescue Redd," you helped Sonia finding Redd. What is the name of the Bandit Base? ChateauValentine
3048 In the Fame Quest "Rescue Redd," what is the relationship between Sonia and Redd? HusbandAndWife
3049 In the Fame Quest "Fairy Tale Fallacy," what is the name of the Tanuki Goju
3050 In the Fame Quest "Fairy Tale Fallacy", what is the name of the Dessert Box you need if you want to proceed through the ladder blocked by the Tanuki? TanukiSnackBox
3051 In the Fame Quest "Kingdom City Treasure", what is the class of Forlan Persia? TreasureExpert
3052 In the Fame Quest "Kingdom City Treasure", who do the four statues in the first stage represent who were once in Kingdom City? Prince
3053 Whose daughter is Mysterious Merchant Berluti in Port Morton? Ebazon
3054 What is the reason of Marta, the Stall Owner of Port Morton, Stomachache
3055 What is the name of the Grandma whom asked the main character to find Flora
3056 How much trash is Eco-Friendly Maiden Jeanne asking the main character 10
3057 According to Civil Servant Hakeem in Candetonn Hill, what is the Bowhorn Goat CottonCandy
3058 Who stole from Upstart Fordy in Candetonn Hill? Gardener
3059 Who is the person in Candetonn Hill who ran to the roof to spy? Boone
3060 What is the name of Hare Brotherhood Leader Buck's opponent in Candetonn Hill? Mikel
3061 In Viridian Steppe, where does Grandpa Edwin, who has been suffering from a JadeForest
3062 A photograph was found in the cart dropped by the Collectors in Viridian Steppe. Whose is it? Frodan
3063 Who did Simmons from Viridian Steppe invite to go to the crash site with him? Flo
3064 What is the food used in the "Hungry, Hungry Challenge" in Viridian Steppe? RoastTurkey
3065 In what region was the Bigear Primate in Desolate Valley trapped by scorpions and could not move forward smoothly? MistyTreeValley
3066 How many times does the Mysterious Person in Desolate Valley require 5
3067 What is the name of the Gnome trapped by Plateau Iguana in Desolate Valley? Holt
3068 What is the name of the pet that the Little Girl Gloria in Desolate Valley asks the main character to look for? Dearie
3069 What species does Finaro think caused the earthquake in Tanglevine Cascades? Demon
3070 What is the name of the old man in Tanglevine Cascades who catches fish Agustin
3071 After the death of the father of Harry Botter in Tanglevine Cascades, Luppin
3072 What does the Little Boy Gannen in Tanglevine Cascades plan to eat? Mushroom
3073 What does Romeo from Sunhunter's Vale describe his love for Juliet as? Waterfall
3074 Jeszan in Sunhunter's Vale overdosed on something and wants the main character Dreamleaf
3075 What is the dream job that Makar Viserion in Sunhunter's Vale left home for? Inventor
3076 What did Granny Soren in Sunhunter's Vale lost so she asked Ring
3077 Prince Charlie in Chronology Forest wants the main character to help him break up with a certain princess. What's her name? Aubrey
3078 Who in the Chronology Forest is bothered by their own deadly handsomeness? Jerome
3079 What is the troupe founded by Cori in Chronology Forest? JesterTroupe
3080 What can I obtain from the Small Treasure Chest found before the Prehistoric Ruins in Chronology Forest? StrangeLeaflet
3081 What is the default shortcut key for the Inventory interface? B
3082 What is the default shortcut key for the Character interface? C
3083 What is the default shortcut key for the Eidolon Space interface? N
3084 What is the default shortcut key for the Mail interface? P
3085 What is the default shortcut key for the Skills interface? K
3086 What is the default shortcut key for the Quest interface? L
3087 What is the default shortcut key for the Guild interface? G
3088 What is the default shortcut key for the Item Mall interface? I
3089 What is the color of the numbers that represents Awakening Levels? Red
3090 How many rewards can you collect from "Daily Login" in a month? 28
3091 In the Gaia Chronicle, how many Eidolons can a team assign? 3
3092 What is the level required for choosing a Secondary Weapon and learning Secondary Skills? 40
3093 How many outfits can you equip in total? 5
3094 What level do you need to use the Holy Chest? 45
3095 How much money can you convert into 1 gold? 1000
3096 What's the minimum level required for Sky Tower participation? 60
3097 If you haven't signed in for a day in Daily Login, AuraKingdomLoginPatch
3098 How many Daily Quests can be taken from Mirabelle's Bulletin Board? 5
3099 If you want to refine equipment, which NPC should you find in Navea? Analisa
3100 If you want to evolve an Orange Quality Secret Stone, 70
3101 How many floats are there in Aura Kingdom's anniversary? 4
3102 What is the name of the game host of the float in Aura Kingdom's Anniversary? Marina
3103 What is the venue for the Anniversary Parade? Navea
3104 How many sessions are there in the parade in Aura Kingdom's Anniversary? 4
3105 How many buff can be obtained through the float in Aura Kingdom's Anniversary? 4
3106 How many hours does the buff obtained through the float last in 24
3107 Where can Rainbow Groves be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? HeloniaCoast
3108 Where can the Mushrooms be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? Navea
3109 Where can Nests of Twigs be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? DemarechMines
3110 Where can Garlic Plants be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? CandeoMarsh
3111 Where can Large Amber Ore be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? TriatioHighlands
3112 Where can Blue Patterned Flowers be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? EmeraldMarsh
3113 Where can Milk Barrels be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? CandetonnHill
3114 Where can Crystalbead Blossom be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? TanglevineCascades
3115 Where can Silver Gravel be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? WhiteSpiritHill
3116 Where can Wild Hortensia be found in the Daily Gathering Achievement? WhiteSpiritHill
3117 What is the level required for a guild to start using items from the rental service? 5
3118 What is the level required for a guild to own a Guild Hall? 4
3119 What is the level required for a character to create a guild? 20
3120 How much does it take to establish a guild? 10
3121 In a Card Duel, how many cards can you allocate at a time? 5
3122 How many minutes does each connection with Eidolons last? 10
3123 Which attributes can be used to assign points besides DMG and CRIT? SPD
3124 Which attributes can be used to assign points besides HP and DEF? EVA
3125 When you talk to an Eidolon, how many conversation options will appear at once for players to choose from? 3
3126 During Equipment Fortification, what is the Potential required for the Equipment Fortification level to be increased by 1? 100
3127 How are called the pieces used to fortify equipment? Fragments
3128 How many Daily Logins do you need to get a Bonus Reward? 7
3129 What is the default shortcut key for the Map interface? M
3130 What is the default shortcut key for the System interface? Esc
3131 What is the dish that Kenny in Port Skandia eats with Barbie every day? GrilledFish
3132 Who is the recipient of the Medical Supply Crate found in Port Skandia? VillageDoctorCal
3133 Who is the girl waiting for in Port Skandia? father
3134 What creatures can be given to Millia as pets in Port Skandia? TinyBunnyhop
3135 What is Carmichael's job in Helonia Coast so that things operate normally? Windmill
3136 How much costs an apple sold by Seamus in Helonia Coast before the discount? 50
3137 Who asked Grandfather to tell a story in Helonia Coast? Hershey
3138 What is the full name of the pirates who occupied this area in Helonia Coast? CatseyePirates
3139 How many bunches of bananas does Nana of Crescent Hill plan to buy at the stall? 10
3140 Who in the Crescent Hill wants to raise Birdbrains to expand the farm? Clark
3141 Whose baby has disappeared in Crescent Hill and cannot sleep ever since? Gruff
3142 What techniques does Sue learn with green juice as a dye in the Crescent Hill? Makeup
3143 What flowers is Gnome Posey in Cactakara Forest looking for? PurpleLotus
3144 Who keeps fixing machines at night so that Gnome Kristin of Reuben
3145 Which waterfall Little Girl Mary of Cactakara Forest said will make RarnorFalls
3146 Which great Craftsman does Pam from Cactakara Forest dream to become? Montero
3147 How many children do Father Bo and Mother Bo in Demarech Mines have? 6
3148 What fruit did the Fruit Seller in Demarech Mines recommend to Traveler Kit? EcstasyFruit
3149 Which weapon does Street Rat Harry in Demarech Mines claims to be the king of? Slingshot
3150 Who lost the Guide Book found in a package in Demarech Mines? Rebecca