Basic Information
Type Main Plot
Level 125
Players 5
Entry Count 3
Entry Reset 2h

Infernal Citadel (Party)

The region ruled by the Flame Radiance Witch, devastated by the ravages of war, has become a desperate landscape where fire and ice coexist.
Player Effects
Stat Value
CRIT -22150
SPD -22150
DEF -35640
EVA -44300
DMG -14%
HP -13%
DMG taken +140%
DMG dealt -190%
DMG against Elemental targets -50%
Damage of Physical Skills -50%
Damage of All Attribute Skills -50%
DMG dealt to Boss Monsters -50%
NPC Effects
Stat Value
DEF +170%
Reinforcement +145%
Elemental DMG taken -60%
DMG taken -60%
Physical DMG taken -60%