Basic Information
Type Main Plot
Level 115
Players 5
Entry Count 3
Entry Reset 2h

Blue Valley Secret Realm (Party)

Blue plants fill the entire valley and moss-covered the stone steps. A tiny light is sprinkled across the forest, spreading with glittering gold. However, it gradually became corrupted by an evil aura, and no one dares to enter.
Player Effects
Stat Value
CRIT -16480
SPD -16480
DEF -26560
EVA -32950
DMG -12%
HP -11%
DMG taken +120%
DMG dealt -170%
DMG against Elemental targets -50%
Damage of Physical Skills -40%
Damage of All Attribute Skills -40%
DMG dealt to Boss Monsters -40%
NPC Effects
Stat Value
DEF +150%
Reinforcement +125%
Elemental DMG taken -40%
DMG taken -40%
Physical DMG taken -40%