Basic Information
Type Gaia Crystal
Quality Relic
Max Stack 100
Sell Price 1
Eidolon XP 8000
Detailed Information
ID: 11045

Small Experience Crystal

A favorite of Eidolons everywhere! Give this gift to your Eidolon to somewhat increase their earned XP. Can be used on Eidolons of all levels.

Give this gift in the Eidolon menu (default N).
Material For
Contained In
Dropped By
NPC Zones
Lunar Flower Dryad Crescent Hill (X: 664, Y: 402)
Birdbrain Crescent Hill (X: 663, Y: 523)
Colorful Birdbrain Crescent Hill (X: 647, Y: 575)
Drunken Flower Beetle Crescent Hill (X: 692, Y: 251)
Crescent Sprite Crescent Hill (X: 717, Y: 193)
Flower Field Sprite Crescent Hill (X: 649, Y: 124)
Giant Flowertrap Crescent Hill (X: 763, Y: 119)
Evil Flowertrap Crescent Hill (X: 834, Y: 155)
Tribal Patrolman Crescent Hill (X: 403, Y: 241)
Tribal Warrior Crescent Hill (X: 382, Y: 177)
Tribal Elder Crescent Hill (X: 453, Y: 129)
Steambot Crescent Hill (X: 501, Y: 167)
Heliotrope Beetle Crescent Hill (X: 550, Y: 288)
Grassy Beetle Crescent Hill (X: 515, Y: 396)
Altar Sprite Crescent Hill (X: 522, Y: 526)
Waterfront Sprite Crescent Hill (X: 556, Y: 563)
Forest Flowertrap Crescent Hill (X: 526, Y: 628)
Navea Birdbrain Crescent Hill (X: 441, Y: 772)
Waterborne Birdbrain Crescent Hill (X: 489, Y: 723)
Sky Tower 30F: The Quandary (X: 228, Y: 272)
White Stone Golem Crescent Hill (X: 627, Y: 685)
Sealing Stone Golem Crescent Hill (X: 736, Y: 735)
Mistwalker Bandit Crescent Hill (X: 771, Y: 696)
Mistwalker Invader Crescent Hill (X: 754, Y: 623)
Angry Gnome
Mistwalker Engineer Crescent Hill (X: 841, Y: 684)
Mainframe Soldier Crescent Hill (X: 727, Y: 645)
Mysterious Provocateur Crescent Hill (X: 874, Y: 667)
Grass Sprout Cactakara Forest (X: 267, Y: 221)
Moss Crab Cactakara Forest (X: 364, Y: 282)
Floppy-Eared Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 457, Y: 302)
Horned Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 411, Y: 244)
Leathery Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 335, Y: 345)
Fanged Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 436, Y: 369)
Butterfly Fairy Cactakara Forest (X: 508, Y: 452)
Mountain Path Sprite Cactakara Forest (X: 490, Y: 377)
Tough Woodbeast Cactakara Forest (X: 594, Y: 319)
Giant Woodbeast Cactakara Forest (X: 535, Y: 214)
East City Warrior Cactakara Forest (X: 651, Y: 178)
East City Guard Cactakara Forest (X: 647, Y: 106)
Carnivorous Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 191, Y: 318)
Ferocious Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 133, Y: 271)
Herb Beetle Cactakara Forest (X: 125, Y: 360)
East City Hunter Cactakara Forest (X: 153, Y: 421)
Double Leaf Sprout Cactakara Forest (X: 374, Y: 483)
Abandoned Robot Soldier Cactakara Forest (X: 302, Y: 531)
Thin-Legged Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 454, Y: 633)
Ornery Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 436, Y: 555)
Rainbow Butterfly Fairy Cactakara Forest (X: 554, Y: 645)
Wild Butterfly Fairy Cactakara Forest (X: 607, Y: 645)
Wild Sarpa Cactakara Forest (X: 597, Y: 555)
Caustic Sarpa Cactakara Forest (X: 510, Y: 529)
Giant Waterborne Woodbeast Cactakara Forest (X: 560, Y: 469)
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Giant Dragons in Aura Kingdom
Mischievous Bunny Lost Valley (X: 420, Y: 624)
Violent Bunny Lost Valley (X: 299, Y: 700)
Pure Ferret Lost Valley (X: 214, Y: 788)
Flawless Ferret Lost Valley (X: 195, Y: 728)
Fallen Ice Sprite Lost Valley (X: 346, Y: 323)
Sinful Ice Sprite Lost Valley (X: 305, Y: 187)
Psychedelic Tanuki Lost Valley (X: 523, Y: 148)
Colorful Hedgehog Lost Valley (X: 519, Y: 247)
Leopard Sharkstorm Satay Yoganah (X: 495, Y: 679)
Ferocious Sharkstorm Satay Yoganah (X: 497, Y: 647)
Crying Sarpa Satay Yoganah (X: 645, Y: 636)
Swirling Sarpa Satay Yoganah (X: 642, Y: 627)
Angler Mollusk Satay Yoganah (X: 665, Y: 399)
Thorny Coral Mollusk Satay Yoganah (X: 703, Y: 459)
Goblin Guard Satay Yoganah (X: 714, Y: 270)
Goblin Warrior Satay Yoganah (X: 776, Y: 170)
Sealed Fia
Sealed Kayel the Protector
Sealed Qulun
Sealed Ramgram
Sealed Bloodface Titanus
Sealed Cult Leader Zaunna
Sealed Adracei
Sealed Giant Beast Argus
Sealed Lestaro
Sealed Toto
Sealed Asheara
Sealed Kelosa
Sealed Halls of the Divine Horn
Sealed Frederic
Sealed Gekasso
Sealed Malodnak
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