Basic Information
Type Secret Stone Energy
Quality Magic
Max Stack 100
Sell Price 10
Secret Stone XP 600
Storage Secret Stone Bank
Detailed Information
ID: 11031

Shining Secret Stone

Secret Stone Level 1

DMG +50
This Secret Stone cannot be upgraded

Armor Secret Stone
This type of secret stone cannot be upgraded, but can be used to level up other secret stones.
Contained In
Dropped By
NPC Zones
Grass Sprout Cactakara Forest (X: 267, Y: 221)
Moss Crab Cactakara Forest (X: 364, Y: 282)
Floppy-Eared Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 457, Y: 302)
Horned Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 411, Y: 244)
Leathery Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 335, Y: 345)
Fanged Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 436, Y: 369)
Butterfly Fairy Cactakara Forest (X: 508, Y: 452)
Mountain Path Sprite Cactakara Forest (X: 490, Y: 377)
Tough Woodbeast Cactakara Forest (X: 594, Y: 319)
Giant Woodbeast Cactakara Forest (X: 535, Y: 214)
East City Warrior Cactakara Forest (X: 651, Y: 178)
East City Guard Cactakara Forest (X: 647, Y: 106)
Carnivorous Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 191, Y: 318)
Ferocious Crocodile Cactakara Forest (X: 133, Y: 271)
Herb Beetle Cactakara Forest (X: 125, Y: 360)
East City Hunter Cactakara Forest (X: 153, Y: 421)
Double Leaf Sprout Cactakara Forest (X: 374, Y: 483)
Abandoned Robot Soldier Cactakara Forest (X: 302, Y: 531)
Thin-Legged Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 454, Y: 633)
Ornery Goat Cactakara Forest (X: 436, Y: 555)
Rainbow Butterfly Fairy Cactakara Forest (X: 554, Y: 645)
Wild Butterfly Fairy Cactakara Forest (X: 607, Y: 645)
Wild Sarpa Cactakara Forest (X: 597, Y: 555)
Caustic Sarpa Cactakara Forest (X: 510, Y: 529)
Giant Waterborne Woodbeast Cactakara Forest (X: 560, Y: 469)
<Glimmering Woodbeast>
Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 184, Y: 396)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 184, Y: 396)
<Glimmering Princess>
Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 164, Y: 224)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 164, Y: 224)
<Ancient Sawbot>
Kayel the Protector
Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 224, Y: 154)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 224, Y: 154)
Glimmering Sprout Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 47, Y: 309)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 47, Y: 309)
Twilight Woodbeast Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 57, Y: 293)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 57, Y: 293)
Twilight Fairy Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 169, Y: 369)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 169, Y: 369)
Hungry Flowertrap Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 154, Y: 356)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 154, Y: 356)
Rainbow Beetle Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 252, Y: 247)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 252, Y: 247)
Broken Policebot Gydaie Glen (Solo) (X: 259, Y: 238)
Gydaie Glen (Solo Challenge) (X: 259, Y: 238)
<Marauder Captain>
Miner's Steppe (Solo) (X: 105, Y: 383)
Miner's Steppe (Solo Challenge) (X: 105, Y: 383)
<Giant Crystal Beetle>
Miner's Steppe (Solo) (X: 196, Y: 350)
Miner's Steppe (Solo Challenge) (X: 196, Y: 350)
<Lord of the Otherworld>
Bloodface Titanus
Miner's Steppe (Solo) (X: 314, Y: 392)
Miner's Steppe (Solo Challenge) (X: 314, Y: 392)
Veteran Miner Miner's Steppe (Solo) (X: 78, Y: 262)
Miner's Steppe (Solo Challenge) (X: 78, Y: 262)
Elite Marauder Patrol Miner's Steppe (Solo) (X: 81, Y: 243)
Miner's Steppe (Solo Challenge) (X: 81, Y: 243)
Beetle Hatchling
Old Mine Golem Miner's Steppe (Solo) (X: 207, Y: 296)
Miner's Steppe (Solo Challenge) (X: 207, Y: 296)
Deep Cave Parasite Miner's Steppe (Solo) (X: 189, Y: 318)
Miner's Steppe (Solo Challenge) (X: 189, Y: 318)
<Glimmering Woodbeast>
Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 96, Y: 94)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 96, Y: 94)
<Glimmering Princess>
Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 165, Y: 223)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 165, Y: 223)
<Ancient Sawbot>
Kayel the Protector
Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 380, Y: 79)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 380, Y: 79)
Glimmering Sprout Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 266, Y: 236)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 266, Y: 236)
Twilight Woodbeast Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 288, Y: 195)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 288, Y: 195)
Twilight Fairy Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 77, Y: 404)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 77, Y: 404)
Hungry Flowertrap Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 68, Y: 421)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 68, Y: 421)
Rainbow Beetle Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 183, Y: 64)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 183, Y: 64)
Broken Policebot Gydaie Glen (Party) (X: 213, Y: 72)
Gydaie Glen (Hell Mode) (X: 213, Y: 72)
<Marauder Captain>
Miner's Steppe (Party) (X: 197, Y: 333)
Miner's Steppe (Hell Mode) (X: 197, Y: 333)
<Giant Crystal Beetle>
Miner's Steppe (Party) (X: 331, Y: 394)
Miner's Steppe (Hell Mode) (X: 319, Y: 386)
<Lord of the Otherworld>
Bloodface Titanus
Miner's Steppe (Party) (X: 458, Y: 309)
Miner's Steppe (Hell Mode) (X: 458, Y: 309)
Veteran Miner Miner's Steppe (Party) (X: 79, Y: 268)
Miner's Steppe (Hell Mode) (X: 79, Y: 268)
Elite Marauder Patrol Miner's Steppe (Party) (X: 79, Y: 286)
Miner's Steppe (Hell Mode) (X: 79, Y: 286)
Beetle Hatchling
Old Mine Golem Miner's Steppe (Party) (X: 472, Y: 348)
Miner's Steppe (Hell Mode) (X: 472, Y: 348)
Deep Cave Parasite Miner's Steppe (Party) (X: 337, Y: 417)
Miner's Steppe (Hell Mode) (X: 337, Y: 417)
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