Basic Information
Type Boots
Quality Rare
Sell Price 98
Detailed Information
ID: 10456Strengthen:

Steps of the Reaper

Binds on Equip.
Character Level 65 and above
DEF Bonus

DEF +818
DMG +1062
CRIT +473
HP +1401
CRIT +1%

Fortification +9: Crit Hits from players -1%
Fortification +15: CRIT DMG +1%
Fortification +18: CRIT DMG +1%
Earned XP +3%
Fortification +20: CRIT +2%
Enemy Crit Rate -2%
Fortification +25: DMG +2%
CRIT Rate +1%
XP gained +3%
Fortification +30: CRIT +3%
Received CRIT Rate -2% when attacked.

Fear the Reaper (3/3)
Set Bonus:
6% chance of activating Soul Miasma when attacked, which increases DMG by 3% for 15 seconds

"These leg guards are woven from plants that derive their nutrients from dead souls. They give the wearer the strength of the dead, though they smell like a decaying corpse, so it's a bit of a trade-off."