Basic Information
Type Belt
Quality Secret
Sell Price 83
Detailed Information
ID: 10373Strengthen:

Titan Warrior Waist Armor

Cannot trade.
Character Level 60 and above
DEF Bonus

DEF +901
SPD +220
HP +904
EVA +327
Max HP +1%

Fortification +9: Crit Damage Taken -3%
Fortification +15: Malice +2%
Fortification +18: Max HP +1%
Earned XP +3%
Fortification +20: Max HP +2%
Malice +4%
Crit Damage Taken -6%
Fortification +25: DMG +1%
Max HP +2%
XP gained +3%
Fortification +30: CRIT +2%
Max HP +3%
Malice +6%
Received CRIT DMG -6%

Raging Titan Warrior (3/3)
Set Bonus:
Damage taken from elites -15%
8% chance of activating Tenacious Will when attacked, which increases DEF by 651 for 15 seconds

"Metal pieces festoon this sturdy waist armor. When you walk, it makes a semi-annoying clinking noise, but hey, maybe it'll drive your enemies insane before you even get close enough to strike! Only heroic warriors acknowledged by the War God can wear
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