Name Level Quality Category
Resonant Spirit: Origin of the World
105 Rare Wizard
Military Overlord Staff
101 Arena Wizard
Bloodmoon Staff
101 Secret Wizard
Chaotic Staff
101 Magic Wizard
Dual Staffs of the Secret Forest
98 Common Wizard
Shining - Holy Scepter
95 Rare Wizard
Warlord Scepter
90 Arena Wizard
Nalani's Eternal Staff
90 Secret Wizard
Ancient Staff
90 Magic Wizard
Evanescent Dual Staves
88 Common Wizard
Spiritual Moondust Staff
85 Magic Wizard
Death's Door
85 Rare Wizard
Fallen Butcher's Staff
80 Arena Wizard
Ghodroon's Chaotic Wizard Staff
80 Secret Wizard
Magic Fusion Staff
80 Magic Wizard
Arcane Staff
78 Common Wizard
Void Demon Staff
75 Magic Wizard
Quelkulan Staff
75 Rare Wizard
Broken Wing of the Fallen Angel
75 Rare Wizard
Overlord's Staff
70 Arena Wizard
Forbidden Crystal Staff
70 Secret Wizard
Occult Staff
70 Magic Wizard
Empyrescant Staff
68 Common Wizard
Sunreaver Staff
68 Common Wizard
Empyrescant Staff
65 Magic Wizard
Malibask Staff
65 Magic Wizard
Nazrudin's Staff of the Siren
65 Rare Wizard
Glorious Staff of Star Dust
65 Rare Wizard
Dark Wraith's Wand
65 Rare Wizard
Zaahir's Grasp
60 Rare Wizard
Elite Guardian's Staff
60 Arena Wizard
Arcane Staff
60 Secret Wizard
Staff of the Stars
60 Secret Wizard
Illusion Flower Staff
60 Magic Wizard
Staff of Moonstar
60 Magic Wizard
Ice Crystal Staff
58 Common Wizard
Unearthly Staff
58 Common Wizard
Sparkling Crystal Staff
55 Magic Wizard
Shadow Curse Staff
55 Magic Wizard
Mina's Staff of the Almighty
50 Rare Wizard
Cruel Tyrant's Staff
50 Arena Wizard
Staff of the Archmage
50 Secret Wizard
Soul Infused Staff
50 Magic Wizard
Staff of the Archbishop
48 Relic Wizard
Staff of Intelligence
48 Common Wizard
Holy Light Staff
48 Common Wizard
Deckard's Fiery Sun
45 Rare Wizard
Glyphed Staff
45 Magic Wizard
Staff of Ancient Runes
43 Magic Wizard
Harvey's Emerald Staff
40 Secret Wizard