Name Level Quality Category
Furious Wind - Evil Dragon Great Axe
95 Rare Ravager
Warlord Greataxe
90 Arena Ravager
Nalani's Golden Axe
90 Secret Ravager
Golden Battleaxe
90 Magic Ravager
Winded Twin Axes
88 Common Ravager
Thunderbolt Axe
85 Magic Ravager
Demon Stalker
85 Rare Ravager
Fallen Butcher's Great Axe
80 Arena Ravager
Ghodroon's Axe of Deception
80 Secret Ravager
Magma Axe
80 Magic Ravager
Forest Axe
78 Common Ravager
Dragonrider Giant Axe
75 Magic Ravager
Beast King Decapitator
75 Rare Ravager
Demon of the Inferno
75 Rare Ravager
Overlord's Great Axe
70 Arena Ravager
Ethereal Great Axe
70 Secret Ravager
Molten Great Axe
70 Magic Ravager
Violet Heavy Axe
68 Common Ravager
Jadewood Battle Axe
68 Common Ravager
Jade Heavy Axe
65 Magic Ravager
Permafrost Axe
65 Magic Ravager
Nazrudin's Axe of the Ocean's Might
65 Rare Ravager
Karka's Bloodthirsty Axe
65 Rare Ravager
Cleaver of the Sky
65 Rare Ravager
Zaahir's Swift Decapitator
60 Rare Ravager
Great Axe of the Elite Guardian
60 Arena Ravager
Sacred Scar Battle Axe
60 Secret Ravager
Axe of Extinction
60 Secret Ravager
Axe of Arcane Patterns
60 Magic Ravager
Ginormous Axe of Destruction
60 Magic Ravager
Double-Edged Battle Axe
58 Common Ravager
Gladiator's Heavy Axe
58 Common Ravager
Earth-Shattering Battle Axe
55 Magic Ravager
Glorious Battle Axe
55 Magic Ravager
Giant Jordan's Cleaver of the Seas
50 Rare Ravager
Cruel Tyrant's Heavy Axe
50 Arena Ravager
The Decapitator
50 Secret Ravager
Bloodseeker Heavy Axe
50 Magic Ravager
Valiant Axe
48 Relic Ravager
Gigantic Axe of Doom
48 Common Ravager
Warrior's Giant Axe
48 Common Ravager
Hallim's Mighty Strikes
45 Rare Ravager
Gladiator's Axe
45 Magic Ravager
Dragonblight Axe
43 Magic Ravager
Harvey's Gigantic Battle Axe
40 Secret Ravager
Tribal Chief's Heavy Axe
40 Secret Ravager
Gigantic Tribal Axe
40 Magic Ravager
Wild Ravager's Great Axe
38 Relic Ravager
Giant Totem Axe
38 Common Ravager
Gigantic Bronze Axe
30 Magic Ravager