Name Level Quality Category
Mighty Radiance: Road Exploding Heavy Weapon
105 Rare Grenadier
Military Overlord Cannon
101 Arena Grenadier
Bloodmoon Cannon
101 Secret Grenadier
Troll Cannon
101 Magic Grenadier
Growler Cannon
98 Common Grenadier
Frozen Flame - Giant Cannon
95 Rare Grenadier
Warlord Cannon
90 Arena Grenadier
Nalani's Wisdom Artillery
90 Secret Grenadier
Wisdom Lance
90 Magic Grenadier
Green Condensate Lance
88 Common Grenadier
Shadow Artillery
85 Magic Grenadier
Void Striker
85 Rare Grenadier
Fallen Butcher's Cannon
80 Arena Grenadier
Ghodroon's Dragonroar Cannon
80 Secret Grenadier
Howling Cannon
80 Magic Grenadier
Skyshatter Cannon
78 Common Grenadier
Floodlight Cannon
75 Magic Grenadier
Dynastic Cannon
75 Rare Grenadier
Judgment from the Heavens
75 Rare Grenadier
Overlord's Artillery
70 Arena Grenadier
Azure Defense Turret
70 Secret Grenadier
Redsteel Cannon
70 Magic Grenadier
Jadestone Cannon
68 Common Grenadier
Dustfist Cannon
68 Common Grenadier
Bluestalker Cannon
65 Magic Grenadier
Camouflage Cannon
65 Magic Grenadier
Nazrudin's Ferocious Shark Cannon
65 Rare Grenadier
Great Cannon of a Land Forgotten
65 Rare Grenadier
Bringer of Pandemonium
65 Rare Grenadier
Zaahir's Meteoric Shock
60 Rare Grenadier
Elite Guardian's Cannon
60 Arena Grenadier
Giant Skeletal Cannon
60 Secret Grenadier
Cannon of the Dawn
60 Secret Grenadier
Carapace Cannon
60 Magic Grenadier
Burning Sun Cannon
60 Magic Grenadier
Machinist Cannon
58 Common Grenadier
Beast Cannon
58 Common Grenadier
Giant Robot Arm
55 Magic Grenadier
Savage Giant Cannon
55 Magic Grenadier
Blockhead's Nemesis Incinerator
50 Rare Grenadier
Cruel Tyrant's Cannon
50 Arena Grenadier
Mageweave Cannon
50 Secret Grenadier
Double Powder Cannon
50 Magic Grenadier
Dwarven Cannon
48 Relic Grenadier
Automatic Cannon
48 Common Grenadier
Ancient Cannon
48 Common Grenadier
Bradley's Mountain Buster
45 Rare Grenadier
Reliquary Cannon
45 Magic Grenadier
Heavy Industrial Cannon
43 Magic Grenadier
Harvey's Deadly Cannon
40 Secret Grenadier