Name Level Quality Category
Flowing Light: Twinkling Jade Wings
105 Rare Duelist
Military Overlord Dual Blades
101 Arena Duelist
Bloodmoon Dual Blades
101 Secret Duelist
Auroral Dual Blade
101 Magic Duelist
Twilight Dual Blades
98 Common Duelist
Shadow Blade - Brighttooth Dual Blades
95 Rare Duelist
Warlord Dual Blades
90 Arena Duelist
Nalani's Lotus Blades
90 Secret Duelist
Pure Lotus Dual Blades
90 Magic Duelist
True Blades
88 Common Duelist
Flowering Blades
85 Magic Duelist
Sky Incinerator
85 Rare Duelist
Fallen Butcher's Dual Blades
80 Arena Duelist
Ghodroon's Supreme Dual Blades
80 Secret Duelist
Ancient Dual Blades
80 Magic Duelist
Poison Crystal Thin Blade
78 Common Duelist
Chain Shadowblade
75 Magic Duelist
Dual Blades: Razors of the Demonic Abyss
75 Rare Duelist
Flame Shadow: Soul-Breaking Dual Thorns
75 Rare Duelist
Overlord's Dual Blades
70 Arena Duelist
Chillblood Dual Blades
70 Secret Duelist
Arctic Dual Blades
70 Magic Duelist
Bluevein Dual Blades
68 Common Duelist
Silversong Dual Blades
68 Common Duelist
Firebreak Dual Blades
65 Magic Duelist
Halcyon Dual Blades
65 Magic Duelist
Nazrudin's Blades, Australis and Borealis
65 Rare Duelist
The Soulless and The Sorrow
65 Rare Duelist
Blades of Fame and Glory
65 Rare Duelist
Zaahir's Soul-Rending Fangs
60 Rare Duelist
Machetes of the Elite Guardian
60 Arena Duelist
Demonic Blades
60 Secret Duelist
Windslicer Blades
60 Secret Duelist
Evil Eye Blades
60 Magic Duelist
Wind Spirit Blades
60 Magic Duelist
Arc Machetes
58 Common Duelist
Sharp Assassin's Blades
58 Common Duelist
Holy Crescent Scimitars
55 Magic Duelist
Crimson Razors
55 Magic Duelist
Meira's Silver Ceremonial Dagger
50 Rare Duelist
Cruel Tyrant's Blades
50 Arena Duelist
Cursed Scimitars
50 Secret Duelist
Scimitars from a Faraway Land
50 Magic Duelist
Dragonscale Daggers
48 Relic Duelist
Ornamental Machetes
48 Common Duelist
Armor Piercing Daggers
48 Common Duelist
Carlos's Precision Strike
45 Rare Duelist
Shining Daggers
45 Magic Duelist
Exquisite Stone Daggers
43 Magic Duelist
Harvey's Indigo Daggers
40 Secret Duelist