Name Level Quality Category
Enduring: Sprite Whisper
105 Rare Bard
Military Overlord Demon Harp
101 Arena Bard
Bloodmoon Harp
101 Secret Bard
Repentance Harp
101 Magic Bard
Baloa's Harp
98 Common Bard
Holy Zither - Sounds of Nature
95 Rare Bard
Warlord Zither
90 Arena Bard
Nalani's Harp
90 Secret Bard
Purana Harp
90 Magic Bard
Rainbow Instrument
88 Common Bard
Burning Instrument
85 Magic Bard
85 Rare Bard
Fallen Butcher's Harp
80 Arena Bard
Ghodroon's Phantom Divine Harp
80 Secret Bard
Soul-Sealing Harp
80 Magic Bard
Explorer's Harp
78 Common Bard
Mana Wellspring Harp
75 Magic Bard
Soul Requiem Harp
75 Rare Bard
Celestial Crystal Harp
75 Rare Bard
Overlord's Harp
70 Arena Bard
Dragon Crystal Harp
70 Secret Bard
Leviathan Harp
70 Magic Bard
Europa Harp
68 Common Bard
Frostwing Harp
68 Common Bard
Aura's Mist Harp
65 Magic Bard
Godfire Harp
65 Magic Bard
Nazrudin's Kithara of the Silver Rose
65 Rare Bard
Glorious Harp of the Warbringer
65 Rare Bard
Zither of Gaia
65 Rare Bard
Zaahir's Song of Conflagration
60 Rare Bard
Elite Guardian's Harp
60 Arena Bard
Poseidon's Harp
60 Secret Bard
Zither of the Holy Moon
60 Secret Bard
Mermaid's Zither
60 Magic Bard
Zither of the Crescent Moon
60 Magic Bard
Zither of Enchantment
58 Common Bard
58 Common Bard
Bewitching Harp
55 Magic Bard
Poet Harp
55 Magic Bard
Reid's Soul Seeking Harp
50 Rare Bard
Cruel Tyrant's Harp
50 Arena Bard
Evil Beast Harp
50 Secret Bard
Enchanted Beast's Harp
50 Magic Bard
Lyre of Ancient Growth
48 Relic Bard
Beast Tooth Harp
48 Common Bard
Rune Harp
48 Common Bard
Randall's Phoenix Blessed Lyre
45 Rare Bard
Magic Seal Harp
45 Magic Bard
Lyre of Holy Voices
43 Magic Bard
Harvey's Harp of Truth
40 Secret Bard