Name Level Quality Category
Creator's Divine Lance
95 Rare Lancer
Plague Bomb - Golden Darts
95 Rare Shinobi
Eternal Light - Terrifying Sword
95 Rare Holy Sword
Souleater - Crystal Scythe
95 Rare Reaper
Flash - Frostflame Tachi
95 Rare Ronin
Sniper - Devil's Bow
95 Rare Ranger
Smite - Cleansing Katar
95 Rare Brawler
Holy Zither - Sounds of Nature
95 Rare Bard
Holy Flames - Glowing Bible
95 Rare Sorcerer
Frozen Flame - Giant Cannon
95 Rare Grenadier
Divine Strike - Magic Pistols
95 Rare Gunslinger
Shining - Holy Scepter
95 Rare Wizard
Furious Wind - Evil Dragon Great Axe
95 Rare Ravager
Paladin - Demon God Sword and Shield
95 Rare Guardian
Shadow Blade - Brighttooth Dual Blades
95 Rare Duelist
Warlord Lance
90 Arena Lancer
Skyward Lance
90 Magic Lancer
Nalani's Heavenly Lance
90 Secret Lancer
Warlord Darts
90 Arena Shinobi
Warlord Greatsword
90 Arena Holy Sword
Warlord Sickle
90 Arena Reaper
Warlord Tachi
90 Arena Ronin
Warlord Battle Bow
90 Arena Ranger
Warlord Katars
90 Arena Brawler
Warlord Zither
90 Arena Bard
Warlord Bible
90 Arena Sorcerer
Warlord Cannon
90 Arena Grenadier
Warlord Dual Pistols
90 Arena Gunslinger
Warlord Scepter
90 Arena Wizard
Warlord Greataxe
90 Arena Ravager
Warlord Sword and Shield
90 Arena Guardian
Warlord Dual Blades
90 Arena Duelist
Nalani's Pure Lotus Shadow
90 Secret Shinobi
Nalani's Golden Sword
90 Secret Holy Sword
Nalani's Sacrificial Scythe
90 Secret Reaper
Nalani's Spring Rain
90 Secret Ronin
Nalani's White Lotus Bow
90 Secret Ranger
Nalani's Tyrant Fist
90 Secret Brawler
Nalani's Harp
90 Secret Bard
Nalani's Book of Kala
90 Secret Sorcerer
Nalani's Wisdom Artillery
90 Secret Grenadier
Nalani's Avian Heart
90 Secret Gunslinger
Nalani's Eternal Staff
90 Secret Wizard
Nalani's Golden Axe
90 Secret Ravager
Nalani's Invigorating Rain
90 Secret Guardian
Nalani's Lotus Blades
90 Secret Duelist
Dazzling Sun Necklace
90 Magic Weapons
Lotus Dagger
90 Magic Shinobi
Heavy Gold Sword
90 Magic Holy Sword
Sacrificial Scythe
90 Magic Reaper