Name Level Quality Category
Wind Slice: Forceful Guitar
105 Rare Guitar
Lonely Mist: Road Opening Divine Weapon
105 Rare Lancer
Falling Scar: Storm Cutter
105 Rare Shinobi
Proverbs: Missionary
105 Rare Holy Sword
Soul Reaping: Crime and Punishment
105 Rare Reaper
Malignance: Green Dawn
105 Rare Ronin
Wild Blaze: Nemesis' Fury
105 Rare Ranger
Spiky Thorn: Painful Echoes
105 Rare Brawler
Enduring: Sprite Whisper
105 Rare Bard
God's War: Creation Law
105 Rare Sorcerer
Mighty Radiance: Road Exploding Heavy Weapon
105 Rare Grenadier
Selfless: Godly Justice
105 Rare Gunslinger
Resonant Spirit: Origin of the World
105 Rare Wizard
Wind Howling: Divine Massacre Battle Roar
105 Rare Ravager
Deep Shadow: Soul Frost Bulwark
105 Rare Guardian
Flowing Light: Twinkling Jade Wings
105 Rare Duelist
Military Overlord Lancer
101 Arena Lancer
Military Overlord Toxic Blade
101 Arena Shinobi
Military Overlord Demon Sword
101 Arena Holy Sword
Military Overlord Scythe
101 Arena Reaper
Military Overlord Katana
101 Arena Ronin
Military Overlord War Bow
101 Arena Ranger
Military Overlord Katars
101 Arena Brawler
Military Overlord Demon Harp
101 Arena Bard
Military Overlord Forbidden Tome
101 Arena Sorcerer
Military Overlord Cannon
101 Arena Grenadier
Military Overlord Dual Pistols
101 Arena Gunslinger
Military Overlord Staff
101 Arena Wizard
Military Overlord Axe
101 Arena Ravager
Military Overlord Sword and Shield
101 Arena Guardian
Military Overlord Dual Blades
101 Arena Duelist
Demon Crusher Guitar
101 Arena Guitar
101 Secret Guitar
Libratus Guitar
101 Magic Guitar
Bloodmoon Lance
101 Secret Lancer
Bloodmoon Shuriken
101 Secret Shinobi
Bloodmoon Sword
101 Secret Holy Sword
Bloodmoon Scythe
101 Secret Reaper
Bloodmoon Katana
101 Secret Ronin
Bloodmoon War Bow
101 Secret Ranger
Bloodmoon Claws
101 Secret Brawler
Bloodmoon Harp
101 Secret Bard
Bloodmoon Tome
101 Secret Sorcerer
Bloodmoon Cannon
101 Secret Grenadier
Bloodmoon Dual Pistols
101 Secret Gunslinger
Bloodmoon Staff
101 Secret Wizard
Bloodmoon Axe
101 Secret Ravager
Bloodmoon Sword and Shield
101 Secret Guardian
Bloodmoon Dual Blades
101 Secret Duelist
Masterless Lance
101 Magic Lancer