Name Rewards Category
Running Errands (Daily) Other
Good Deeds (Daily) Other
Hide And Seek (Daily) Other
Boot Camp (Daily) Other
Grand Opening (Daily) Other
Welcoming Light (Daily) Other
Seeing the Sights (Daily) Other
Safety First (Daily) Other
Special Delivery (Daily) Other
A Rare Catch (Daily) Other
Tender Loving Care (Daily) Other
In Case of Emergency (Daily) Other
Every Witch Way (Daily) Other
Everlasting Light (Daily) Other
A Pet of Her Own (Daily) Other
The Allure of Fishing (Daily) Other
Masterpiece (Daily) Other
A Fine Wine (Daily) Other
Tested on Animals (Daily) Other
A Friendly Exchange (Daily) Other
Pirate's Treasure (Daily) Other
Message in a Bottle (Daily) Other
Ringleader (Daily) Other
Troubled Waters (Daily) Other
Spy Game (Daily) Other
Delectable Dish (Daily) Other
Curse of the Seven Seas (Daily) Other
Study of the Wind (Daily) Other
Dream of the Ocean Blue (Daily) Other
Man's Best Friend (Daily) Other
Metamorphosis (Daily) Other
Something Out of Nothing (Daily) Other
Epic (Daily) Other
Ancient Message (Daily) Other
Out to Pasture (Daily) Other
Sweet Nectar (Daily) Other
Wigging Out (Daily) Other
My Precious (Daily) Other
Moon Goddess (Daily) Other
Aromatherapy (Daily) Other
Super Power (Daily) Other
Legacy of Memories (Daily) Other
Up In SMoke (Daily) Other
Scrap Bot (Daily) Other
Fierce Meditation (Daily) Other
Purple Lotus (Daily) Other
Iron Man (Daily) Other
Field Studies (Daily) Other
One Bite (Daily) Other
Fairytale Forest (Daily) Other